WellCAD version 3.0 New! Borehole Logging Software
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  • Conventional Logs
  • Image Logs
  • Mud Logs
  • Full Wave Form Sonic Logs
  • OLE Logs
  • Lithological Logs
  • Comment Logs
  • Formula Logs
  • Engineering Logs
  • Structure Logs
What's new in WellCAD - Version 3.0
  • File Format Changed For All The Logs !
  • updated hasp libraries
  • release of the WellCAD-Reader (free application to distribute reader-enabled borehole documents)
  • release of the Multiwell module
  • release of the Virtual Reality Borehole Imaging Tool
  • new log type : the Interval-Log (log type similar to mud log where data are associated to a depth range)
  • added annotation tool to the borehole document
  • added import of Reeves CIB files
  • added import of Robertson Geologging LGX files (OTV data files)
  • added logical operators in the Formula Parser
  • added possibility to convert a RGB log to an image log using only the Red, Green or Blue component
  • added possibility to resample Image and RGB logs
  • added option to disable the horizontal lines in the Stacking Pattern log
  • added option to disable curve backup in the Well Log display
  • corrected bug when trying to slice a Polar and Rose log and deleting the original one
  • corrected bug when trying to convert an empty Stacking Pattern log to a WellLog
  • corrected bug in HeadCAD : it was impossible to save a header file containing a bitmap not set properly
WellCAD for Win32 is the professional desk top solution for your well data management and processing needs. WellCAD is now OLE2 compliant making it even more powerful and flexible as a data repository and geophysical and geological reporting tool. Work within the Windows environment using OLE and clipboard facilities to seamlessly exchange data between WellCAD and your other OLE compliant applications.

  • WellCAD is one of the most powerful and interactive PC based well data management tools available on the open market
  • WellCAD is a single well oriented system that operates under Win32, the 32 bits application programming interface (API) from Microsoft.

  • WellCAD runs on Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT and DEC Alpha AXP running Windows NT.
  • WellCAD is OLE2 compliant and supports OLE object linking and embedding, OLE automation and drag and drop between WellCAD documents and other OLE compliant software.

  • Compatibility with Windows means that WellCAD printing and plotting is virtually hardware independent.
  • Data exchange between WellCAD and other data sources and repositories is extremely flexible using industry standard file formats and using the Windows clipboard and OLE functionality.

WellCAD Log Data Types WellCAD is capable of handling a diverse range of borehole information all on one document

These data types include:
  • Conventional single curve well logs e.g. natural gamma and density curves.
  • Full wave form sonic logs with wiggle, black and white and full colour VDL presentation.
  • Image logs (FMS, televiewer, multi-arm caliper).
  • Structure logs (sine wave and arrow plots).
  • Lithological logs with and without bed boundaries.
  • Comment and full text logs.
  • Mud logs (uneven depth sampled or time based data).
  • Well construction and down-hole equipment logs.
  • OLE logs (containing embedded or linked objects fromother applications).

WellCAD Features
  • Windows 95 graphical user interface
  • Multiple document interface
  • Fully mouse driven
  • Windows clipboard data exchange facilities
  • Multiple log file import and export facilities
  • WYSIWYG display and print preview
  • OLE automation
  • OLE drag and drop
  • Global depth shift function
  • Document templates
  • Worksheet customisation

WellCAD Tools
  • Header Editor .
    • with independent zoom and rotatio
  • Formula Parser
    • with dynamic data link and formula browser
  • Tabular Editor .
    • with dynamic data link
  • LithCAD
    • the lithology pattern editor and lithology pattern dictrionary manager application for WellCAD
  • Crossplots
    • with dynamic data link
  • Depth Matcher .
    • for differentially squeezong and stretching logs
  • Image and Structure log Processing Module
    • for image log processing and interactive structure interpretation.
WellCAD version 2.1 has a whole host of new features. There are many cosmetic changes and new functionality:
  • New user interface with:
  • new status bar with progress indicator
  • new dockable tool bars
  • tool tips
  • new Help system
  • splitter bars
New borehole document mode with:
  • log width control system with user defined snap in any unit (cm. inch or %)
  • presentation and draft mode with full WYSIWYG interface editing
  • faster Image log redraw
  • suppress header and log titles function
  • Improved print settings system to guarantee that a given document will print the same regardless of printer and paper width
  • Print Preview
  • Improved printing capabilities, including using less system resources and faster printing
  • Improved Depth Matcher interface
  • Global depth shift function
  • New drag and drop features for copying logs from one application to another
  • Improved ASCII file import facilities for different log types with:
  • new multiple logs import facility for well logs and mud logs.
  • Improved Lithology and Comment Log editing with:
  • new mouse editing features including inserting new beds anywhere on the log
  • new Litho pattern Tool bar for quick litho selection
  • new non repeatable litho symbols
  • new secondary litho mode with no bed boundary division
  • new font orientation tool and automatic text adjustment
  • New lithology pattern editor application, LithCAD
Win32, MS Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. WellCAD andLithCAD are trademarks of Advanced Logic Technology. Copyright 1993 - 96 all rights reserved.

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